Are most UK raptors killed at remote windfarms disappearing before Scientists are able count them?

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Are most UK raptors killed at remote windfarms disappearing before Scientists are able count them?

For most of Spain’s birds, and particularly raptors, using the migration flyway through the country and crossing to Morocco, life is a constant challenge. In more recent times these birds are faced with the additional and deadly obstacle of wind farms. These wind farms also compound the risk for these birds when they return to Europe each spring. For whatever reason, many birds do not recognise these large swathes of turbines as a threat.
What has become increasingly clear is the need to site these turbines well away from known and traditional migration routes or flight paths these birds traditionally follow during their annual spring and autumn migration. In Spain and Morocco it appears no regard for these animals is shown when vested interests are at stake and no accountability is accepted by those responsible for prospecting and choosing areas to site these monsters. No environmental survey can be obtained when requested for these wind farms in Spain and it is becoming increasingly obvious that the environmental impact is poorly considered, if it is considered at all.
We invite you to view firsthand evidence of the horror inflicted by incorrectly sited wind turbines and ask you if you too believe those companies running wind farms should be held accountable for destroying our natural heritage. During the course of autumn migration near to Tarifa in 2007 over 50 Griffon Vulture Gyps fulvus met their death by wind turbines. How sustainable are these high mortality rates?
One additional problems for Scottish and perhaps English Raptors, where wind farms are located in very remote parts of our countryside, as far as we are aware, there is very little if any, effective monotoring taking place at these sites at all to establish just how many raptors are being killed at any one time.  Without almost daily examination of these sites by conservationists, most raptors killed will almost certainly be swept under the carpet and buried without anyone being any the wiser.
For those readers or Raptor Politics who have not seen the attached video from Spain where a Griffon Vulture is almost sliced in half by a turbine blade, take a look at the damage these machines are doing on a daily basis in other parts of Europe. View here the fatal killing of a Vulture on migration at Tarifa in southern Spain

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