A green reform of the CAP is needed now!

Iturria: BirdLife International

BirdLife Europe, in collaboration with the EEB (European Environmental Bureau), launched a video giving a series of indisputable arguments to green the CAP.

The short film entitled ‘Why we need a green reform of the CAP now” was launched at a conference organised by BirdLife Europe and the EEB in March at the Danish Parliament on the theme “The new CAP: the right path to sustainable farming”.
The animation showcases a range of impacts of the current Agriculture Policy, and issues it is facing, through the use of data illustrations:
  • Biodiversity loss in farmlands,
  • Soil deterioration,
  • Human and animal health problems due to the use of pesticides,
  • Water contamination and scarcity,
  • Huge GHG emissions generated by the agriculture sector,
  • The huge portion of food wasted annually in the EU.

The video also denounces the fact that the CAP does not support enough sustainable practices, necessary for our long term food security.
European citizens’ money should be used to build a healthier agricultural system and the upcoming reform is the opportunity to bring the necessary changes for a sustainable CAP, in terms of the environment but also in terms of food security.
This tool is just one of the many ways in which BirdLife Europe calls on European decision makers to take the facts into account and to green the CAP now!

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